Generate new funding streams
Research and writing services for federal, state, and philanthropic funding
Executive Leadership Mentoring
Board development and capacity building
Aligning to CMS regulations
Shifting programs, including transforming sheltered workshops, to full alignment

About our Firm

ao is dedicated to helping disability organizations -including nonprofits, state systems, corporations – re-imagine, renew, and revitalize what they do, how they do it, and how to resource these efforts. We specialize in organizations that serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at local, state, and national levels. ao is about innovation, transforming with other social movements, and thinking AND acting differently.

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Our services at a glance

Our reputation for being fierce advocates for optimal outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is strong. We work within the principles that are outlined in the Developmental Disabilities Act.  We work with organizations that are aligned with these values and that are committed to improving their practices for and with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The quality of our services are known for:

  • Innovative idea generation, program development, and renewal
  • We go into deep relationship with our clients to provide them with direct, authentic and expert technical assistance.
  • Clients receive high quality expertise for a fraction of the cost of a full or part time FTE.

Our Expertise

ao consultants provide many services and options to our clients. Each consultant has a unique area of specialty.

Below is a rating scale of where we are we are particularly strong.

Disability Perspective100%
Revenue Generation89%
Leadership development95%
Organizational Culture Shift91%
Organizational Issues86%
HCBS Alignment 88%

Together we will change the world.

Serving organizations that support individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities though the United States.

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